IMC Service Automation

Advanced IR automation monitoring systems - Vibration and bearing control systems

P600Ex Temperature controlled enclosure

The most advanced IR camera enclosure in the market!

VOC automatic detection systems

The unique "IMC Method" to detect gas clouds and hydrocarbon spills automatically.

FLIR Approved System Intregrator

The best worldwide IR cameras are the "eye" of the most advanced automation systems.

Your gate to the Future!

“Innovation” is a word that in our Company means the continuous improvement of our solutions, thinking every day how to give outstanding performances to our tailored made systems.

“Reliability” means that our Customers will be sure to have their unique systems on which they can always trust.

An IMC Service Automation system is your “high end solution” to ensure 24/7 controls to your most important assets.

We are expert in designing, creating and optimising Infrared Automation Systems, both for Temperature monitoring, VOC leak detection and fire prevention, for special application of infrared technology to process and production controls.

We are also expert in providing on-line condition monitoring systems for vibration and Shock Pulse control for production lines and critical items.

We develop everything is around an Infrared Camera, we are expert in measurement, we’re expert of condition monitoring controls.

Our technical people are Certified Level III Thermographers, are International trainers, are expert in Vibration analysis.

And we can provide our services all over the World.

We can claim partnerships with important equipment producers and local partners in strategic market areas.

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Feel free to send us a message, with all questions and requirements that you have. We will be happy to define the solution that fits your needs.


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